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Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

[BF4] Confirmed Weapon list

[Update] how you might get BF4 or other steam games for free

Tomorrow EA will show on E3s Download  Battlefield 4 Multiplayer footage.

But earlier some pre-Alpha trial tester published some footage.

We can see some Weapons which may be included in BF4

The QSZ-92 is a chinese firearm we know from BF2.

The Ultimax 100 or U-100 mk5 is a LMG which is used by Singapore, Thailand, Brunei etc.

The cz-805  is an assault rifle used by the Czech Republic, Egypt and Maldova.

The qbz-95-1 a chinese assault rifle we know from bf3.

The Steyr Elite or Scout Elite will be a sniper 

The SV-98 will return.

M9 is in the game

The Cz-3a1 a czech pdw will be in the game

Chinese sniper rifle qbu-88 is back 

LMG Type 88 lmg is back

We saw the 870 mcs in the singleplayer gameplay

The Baretta 93 Raffica is in the game.
and C4

and finally The AEK 971 

If you found another weapon let me know and mail

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